Lucky Pennies and the Magic of a Wishing Well

A lucky penny, a wish, and a wishing well; these are elements that when drawn together can make dreams become reality. There is something magically lucky in a penny that other coins just cannot equal up to. Pennies are wishes and wishes are dreams and dreams have the ability to change the world. For a young child that copper coin provides a wealth of wishes, dreams, and possibilities. Although many adults may not admit it a lucky coin brings these blessings to them as well. When tossed into a wishing well the magic of this lucky little one cent coin truly does come to life. The power of dreams cannot be under stated. A wish is hope and having a lucky penny to toss into a wishing well can mean that one's most desired wish just may come true. Having two or three magic pennies can mean an afternoon of imagination and dreams as you decide how best to bestow the perfect wish onto each magic coin.  No matter how you view the concept of wishing wells and lucky pennies these tossed

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