Lucky Pennies And The Magic Of A Wishing Well

Acquiring clean drinking water was essential for survival so most civilizations built their communities surrounding this life saving source. Generally placed in the centre of a community to allow access to the majority of people drinkable water was so precious that it was often viewed as a gift from a god or goddess native to their cultural beliefs.  These water wells were a place where a small token of thank you could be offered to the god or goddess associated with the specific water source. The well was also used to ask for blessings from them and a small appeasement would be placed in the well to help insure the request would be granted. Most cultures display evidence of ancient day wishing wells. These early token offerings beginning the tradition of our modern day wishing well. Pennies are wishes, wishes are dreams and dreams have the ability to change the world. A lucky penny, a wish, and a wishing well, these are elements that when drawn together can make dreams become realit

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