Fairy Folk

Whether or not you believe in fairy folk their tales abound in virtually every culture and country. These small magical beings are known by many names and each is distinct within its unique country and legend. These are the goblins, hobs, sprites, and fairies who exist the in heart and spirit of an imaginative mind.


Fairies and Fairy Folklore: Fairies and their kin folk are small magical creatures. Mythical and magical it is quite easy to believe that these tiny beings actually do exist. Which legend do you believe?


Fairy Garden Ideas: Looking at the world through the eyes of fairy folk. Natural, peaceful, and as innocent as a child might view it. Fairies do not like disruption, running water, or bells. Inquisitive creatures they will investigate tiny houses if they are placed where they may be stumbled into.  

Brownies: A hob goblin like creature who takes up residence in whichever home he finds to be of his choosing. Quite an ugly little fellow the good news is that you may never see him but it is important to note that he will make his presence known to you.

Tooth Fairy Legend: She is a generous fairy being who quietly appears in child's room at night looking to make a generous trade for lost teeth. It is interesting to note that this creature did not always occupy her present form, the tooth fairy legend originates with a tiny mouse

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