Fairy Garden Ideas

If you would like to create a magical fairy garden within the brambles, plants, and trees which grace your yard then a perfect blend of nature and landscaping is the key. Listen closely to the secrets of attracting fairies.

It is very possible to entice these mystical sprites to a small corner of your yard or garden area. You have only to create one or more small spaces within your yard's landscape where these creatures will feel comfortable and at ease. Fairy folk are attracted to elements of nature and hate to see disruption where this essence has previously been. It takes a natural design to encourage their visit and have them feel at ease.

If you can create the perfect balance between nature and human elements then you just may discover that your yard is a place where these folklore creatures will begin to appear. A fairy garden is a magical little oasis that is a delight to have near your home and if it suits their fancy then the presence of these mystical beings will also play well in your decor.

Fairies are magical little creatures who live in a realm just off of our own. Every now and then they stop by to visit and are spotted looking curiously at us or the objects we use. Occasionally they are spotted dancing in the moonlight or quietly singing in the morning mists.

However it is that they find their way in your direction, you may wake one morning to discover a magical little fairy sitting amid the flowers, trees, bushes, and ponds which are your small wilderness paradise. It seems that it is the beauty of nature that attracts them. Mysterious woodlands, playful gardens, and quiet ponds are the places that they are most likely to be found. Fairies are very much attracted to the beauty of a natural landscape so if you can create just such a spot within your garden then perhaps they will find their way to you.

Fairy folk hold nature close to the heart and hate to see it destroyed. To see a home through their eyes you must look deep into nature and into each tiny detail that is the earth and its offerings. Imagine yourself as a tiny creature and look at your garden area as though you yourself exist there.
See each small stone as if it were a boulder, each blade of grass as though it were a branch above your head, and each passing insect as though it were a neighbouring creature stopping by for you to converse with.

Fairies are in tune with nature and do not wish to see it destroyed. They enjoy nature's wonder when it is enhanced and made more beautiful but can be offended if they see your interference as an attempt to steal the intrinsic character of the land. It is for this reason that as you add ponds, flowers, stones, bird baths, feeders, and other ornamental accessories that you try to disturb the natural elements of your yard area as little as possible.

With the plants you grow and the small structures you erect encourage birds, ladybugs, frogs, and butterflies to visit your green space. A fairy garden should be an area that will attract nature to it rather than one that chases these natural elements away. Avoid pesticides, large concrete spaces, swift running waters, and overly manicured areas.

Tonight sleep deeply and in the morning when you awake rise with a clear mind and a clearer heart. This is when you will be most prepared to venture into the simplest elements of nature and view the landscape you see through a fairy's eyes. As you walk through your yard visualize through the eyes of a child the amazing magic waiting there. Be fascinated by each small patch of earth and of every branch, insect, flower, and stone that lays there.In order to develop an area that would be appealing to a fairy you must first look at our world through their eyes. Use the qualities that they possess to understand the atmosphere that they are most suited and attracted to.

You must have innocence in your eyes, kindness in your heart, and an absolutely undying ability to believe in magic if you are to successfully create that most mystical of all garden areas, a small oasis so unearthly that it is worthy of a visitation or occupation by fairies.

This paradise can only be developed through the very qualities that the fairy folk themselves possess minus the use of magic of course for that is a trait reserved only for fairies and others of their like. 
You must shake off the shackles of stress to step back into the emotions of your childhood. This is your best opportunity to discover the simplistic creativity that will build a garden resilient enough to attract the magically elusive sprites we so wish to see there.

Blend your human garden with natural elements always insuring that your garden remains as natural as possible. Look at your yard through the eyes of a fairy or the eyes of a very young child and you will see why natural is the best way to design a fairy landFrom the leaves of plants that bend sullenly to the ground to the little bugs that toddle silently along the tiny branches that lay tossed about like a lumber pile blown a strewn. Nature has created a fairy playground that only needs a few additions to make it absolutely amazing.

Keep the innocence within you as you work in your garden and it may surprise you just how easily the magic flows from your fingers to the earth around you. Nature only needs a few little human touches to bring new excitement to the life filled world that already exists there.

Hopefully these tips and ideas may help in your garden landscaping. Keep in mind that fairies are curious and mischievous. They will be easily enticed by playful happy images so garden statues and other curiosities of this manner are fine. Small houses and cottages are a fascination to these creatures. Even if they decide not to dwell within them they will enjoy visiting and playing within these small abodes.

Wind chimes are also welcome so long as they do not contain bells, bells are an absolute no as they frighten fairies away. Pools of water are also fine but fast moving streams or fountains are another certainty of chasing away fairy folk. Rumour has it that running water can be used as protection against fairies. Other forms of protection from these elfin-like folk are four leaf clovers and cold iron so do not include these in your garden space.

Invite a fairy to your back yard. Filled with magic these sprites are an image that bring us back to the sparkling light of simple enjoyments and childhood fairy tales. As a gardening project it is an excellent hobby for both children and adults. Kids love getting outdoors to play and we adults can have a bad habit of not getting outside often enough. Sunshine is good for the soul. Creating a basic fairy garden is quite simple but be forewarned that once you begin it can be difficult to stop. The magic can very easily get locked inside your heart. 

Magic Comes to Life With the Blink of an Eye or the Flick of a Tail

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