Lucky Pennies And The Magic Of A Wishing Well

Acquiring clean drinking water was essential for survival so most civilizations built their communities surrounding this life saving source. Generally placed in the centre of a community to allow access to the majority of people drinkable water was so precious that it was often viewed as a gift from a god or goddess native to their cultural beliefs. 

These water wells were a place where a small token of thank you could be offered to the god or goddess associated with the specific water source. The well was also used to ask for blessings from them and a small appeasement would be placed in the well to help insure the request would be granted. Most cultures display evidence of ancient day wishing wells. These early token offerings beginning the tradition of our modern day wishing well.

Pennies are wishes, wishes are dreams and dreams have the ability to change the world. A lucky penny, a wish, and a wishing well, these are elements that when drawn together can make dreams become reality. There is something magically lucky in a penny that other coins just cannot equal up to. 

For a young child that copper coin provides a wealth of wishes, dreams, and possibilities. Although many adults may not admit it a lucky coin brings these blessings to them as well. When tossed into a wishing well the magic of this lucky little one cent coin truly does come to life.

The power of dreams cannot be understated. A wish is hope and having a lucky penny to toss into a wishing well can mean that one's most desired wish just may come true. Having two or three magic pennies can mean an afternoon of imagination and dreams as you decide how best to bestow the perfect wish onto each magic coin. No matter how you view the concept of wishing wells and lucky pennies these tossed away coins can mean hope and inspiration to someone who otherwise would have none. 

Those tossed away coins have the power within them to change a person's life and more importantly to change a person's attitude toward their life. 

Where do all those magical wishes go? Each of the coins that you toss into a wishing well will go to support someone in need. Often this money remains within the local community to help improve the circumstances of those who live there. The money may also be used to provide support for those who live in under developed countries far from home. 

Used for those who are far less fortunate than ourselves those beautiful shiny pennies can be magically transformed into food, shelter, and medicines. The coins tossed into the well can be used to purchase computers, books, and educational materials for those who might otherwise not have access to these very important learning tools.

The money may be used to feed pets at a local shelter or to provide spay or neuter programs. There are many charities that benefit from the money gifted into a wishing well. Never think that one penny cannot make a difference in the big scheme of things because when that one little penny is added to another and then to another, it can have a tremendous impact. That one penny becomes ten pennies, and then a dollar, then a hundred dollars, a thousand, and upwards from there. That one small penny has the ability to change the life of someone in need. One cent may not seem like a lot to give to charity but our combined efforts create a miracle. The wishes multiply.

There truly is something magical within a wishing well. It is a place where dreams come true. The power of hope can never be understated. A wish is hope and hope has the power to change circumstance. A penny is the cost of a wish and for the majority of people that is not a lot of money to pay for a dream that just may come true. Most coins that are tossed into a wishing well are donated to charity. This money then provides food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, educational supplies for schools, and so much more. The money raised through these wishes provides hope for many who may otherwise have none.

The Folklore Behind the Tradition of Tossing Coins Into Water

Never stop believing in wishing wells and magic pennies, they are each powerful in their own way and when combined together they can bring a miracle to those who are most in need. It truly is amazing the value that a little penny can hold. It can bring miracles to life. To be more exact, it can bring a miracle to so very many lives.

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