Is Good Luck Fate?

Is good luck fate or a choice we make? It certainly seems that some individuals are simply born lucky while others have an exceptionally difficult time as they stumble through the many pitfalls that constantly appear to obstruct their road to success. I firmly believe that good luck and bad luck do exist, that there are people who are blessed with a life of good fortune and also those who have ill will and circumstance surrounding them the majority of their life. 

I also believe that most of us are able to change our destined fortune and our good or bad luck but how is a question that many people ask themselves at some point in their life. Although not always a simple process, changing our opportunity and fate may be something that is possible to accomplish. To some degree most people do have the ability to draw an increased abundance of good luck into their world. Sometimes we have to do a complete about face on our mental attitude to change our circumstance. A good luck charm may be of some help to bring about this transformation (yes unbelievable but true). We also may need to change the Karma that surrounds us in order to change the course that our life seems destined to take.

Good Luck - Bad Luck - Destiny - Karma? 

Many people believe that we make our own luck. That through hard work determination and a positive attitude we can have everything that we want in life thereby making ourselves appear lucky. This is possible. 

Most of us have the ability to move ourselves upward in life but how difficult a task this is for each of us again goes back to our birth and the attitude and circumstances that we are raised within. For those who are raised receiving negative feedback on a regular basis it can be very difficult to be assertive. A pessimistic attitude can be learned behaviour making it harder for these individuals to overcome life's obstacles. A series of failures can reduce ones resiliency and especially if they are raised in an attitude that makes it difficult for them to believe in their abilities. So is there such a thing as simple bad luck or being born lucky? 

Let's face the facts some people have a considerably tougher time in life than others do. The circumstances that you are born into can influence how hard you will have to work to be successful in life. Those who are born into poverty, abuse, or some such other negative environment generally have a more difficult time in changing their circumstances compared to those who are born into a loving affluent home life. 

Those of us who are raised to be optimistic or more positive minded are better able to carry on in the face of adversity than are others without this resilient attitude. Resilient people are indeed fortunate people and appear to have an abundance of good luck surrounding them. This somewhat being because we continue pushing toward our goal despite any obstacles hurled in our direction.

When you live in a negative environment you are much more likely to face additional obstacles and to run into attitudes which could be perceived as a bad luck scenario. Where you are born is a simple matter of either good or bad luck. You cannot change the circumstances you are born into but it is important to note that you can move out of the conditions you are born into and in doing so you can provide a better environment for your children to be born into. By changing your circumstances you can change the fortunes of your children. This is a pretty good indication that we do have some ability within us to alter the good or bad luck that surrounds us.

Sometimes simply believing you are lucky can bring you better luck. Keeping a good luck symbol near your person can have you feeling luckier which may increase your odds of finding good fortune. Why? Because a positive attitude is an amazing thing. Carrying a symbol of the luck that you wish to acquire can help you strive to successfully achieve it. The symbol helps you to stay focused on your targets and to believe that you will acquire your future wishes hopes and goals.

Wish bone, guardian angel, clover, and horseshoe are all recognized as lucky charms. 
Many of these traditional symbols have been around for a very long time and each has a distinct past reasoning behind its good fortune. The four leaf clover is lucky for many reasons. It is the rarity of a four leaf clover which could be the reason for its use as a good luck charm. There is only one 4 leaf clover in about 10,000 so to find one symbolically can mean that the finder is exceptionally lucky indeed. 

Relating back to Ireland and St. Patrick clover carries with it a religious theme relating to the holy trinity. This brings with it a perceived added blessing from above. Clover is also a healthy vegetation for farm animals to feed on so having this plant in your fields also meant that your cattle or other animals would have a nutritious food source thus providing you with stronger healthier animals. Also increasing the charm is the rarity of a four leaf clover making the finding of this item a very lucky event indeed.

A found horseshoe was lucky because it was made of iron and in olden days this metal could be used for many things. Finding this metal increased your wealth. A legend of old also holds that iron hung over a door is a barrier that evil spirits cannot pass. Thus it keeps your home safe and therefor luckier than others.

The true fact of the matter is that good luck charms often do work to change our luck. Keeping a charm nearby helps a person to stay focused on a positive outcome. Believing that you will be successful in turn causes a person to subconsciously try harder to attain their chosen goals. A good luck charm may help to make a person feel luckier thus also passing along a more positive driven attitude. This added effort to attain goals will naturally increases the odds of success in these undertakings. In effect you do become a luckier person.
Positive thinking, an optimistic and resilient attitude, and plenty of hard work can turn your luck around in a number of situations. People are more likely to treat you with greater respect and a more positive attitude if you yourself are an assertive person with a positive attitude. So your luck will appear to be better simply because you are have less negativity occurring in your life.

Sure there are tons of events in life which you may have absolutely no control over but there are also many things which you do have the power within you to change. So potentially it could all come down to a matter of positive energy. By removing ourselves from a negative environment and any potentially demeaning thoughts we may then also change our luck.

Although I prefer to think of this more as changing our circumstance and improving our odds of a successful outcome positive energy can indeed enact a positive change in your life. Removing the negative individuals, messages, and atmosphere from your life can ultimately bring you more success and make you feel like a luckier person. Surrounding yourself with positive people and positive thoughts is a giant step forward to improving your luck.
If you do not allow people to treat you badly then you will feel better about yourself and this positive attitude can help you to become more successful in your undertakings. The more often that you succeed at tasks the more capable you will feel and the more you will strive for further successes. The opposite can unfortunately also be true. You will never succeed so don't bother, you are stupid, you are just unlucky these are all statements designed to keep you from trying to succeed in your goals. When you live with a pessimistic outlook or in an environment where you are receiving negative feedback then you will probably be less likely to succeed in your goals. 

With resilience and determination you can change your luck. If you replace the negative feedback with positive affirmations then you increase the odds that you will try for what you desire and thus also increase the odds of achieving those goals. As you experience positive outcomes you begin to garner into your life all the hopes and dreams that you desire for yourself. With each success you achieve your confidence increases and you increasingly become a person others perceive as having good fortune. So think positive. A strong belief in yourself may be all that is needed for you to become a luckier person.

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