Hypocrisy: Skeletons in The Closet

Hidden away at the back of the closet are more than a few old dusty bones and oh how those haunted skeletons can moan. 

We keep them tucked away and out of sight but they won't go away. How we hope those ancient bones won't show the secrets that we try so desperately to hide. We quietly say a little prayer that they won't ever be found out. Broken memories tucked secretively away hiding behind mixed words and little half truths they stay. Oh them dusty old bones that just will not go away. Do we close the closet door or open it wide to haul those haunted bones outside?

The assumptions you made that badly hurt someone are hidden, almost forgotten, buried away with so many other secrets. It could be almost easy to forget they are there but every now and then a reminder comes your way then there they are, staring you in the face. Lies coming back to haunt your dreams, rumours of corruption dancing in the dark, lovers hidden rolled up in a rug or hiding under creaky old floor boards. Waiting. You have your back pressed up against the closet trying to keep the skeletons from getting out til a bony hand pokes out through a crack under the door. Oh those nasty bones. Yep, those old bones really do stir things up. 

You can bury them out in the yard, hide em under the bed, or tuck em away at the very back of the closet. It doesn't matter where you hide them because it is only a matter of time til those old skeletons are gonna come back to haunt you. They can pop up at the most inconvenient time and place. Bony arms and bony legs oh my oh my. Okay on some days but definitely not welcome on others those bones just will not go away. They are not biodegradable and they don't decompose. A hundred years from now every little bone will still be there waiting to be dug back up.

Skeletons are lean, lanky, and kind of clanky. Under skin or under ground if you listen closely do they make a sound? Perhaps a haunting moaning howl? We all have one and we sure as heck don't want to do without it. Some skeletons are necessary while others are simply psychological nightmares.

Oh go on open the closet door and bring those skeletons out into the sunshine to play. They would likely be delighted to be invited to participate but then again seeing those skeletons slithering out of the closet would be enough to make any sane person shiver. Those haunting devilish memories that should have remained buried deep forever set free, let loose to terrorize?

Where is the key? A skeleton key is practical but probably not the item you seek. The solution you need is within you buried deep. Search your heart, search your soul, search your after life. The key is somewhere just waiting to be released. You will find it nestled snugly in beside those ghostly bones. 

Pretending they don't exist won't make them go away. If you are afraid of your skeletons then it is you who the toll will have to pay. They are buried deep within you but that isn't where they will stay. It is almost frightening the unpredictable times they choose to come out and prey. 

We are human and we all make mistakes. We have a lifetime ahead to correct the errors and amend our ways, to remove the bitterness and fear from our actions, to live with kindness and grace. We may not want to tell where our skeletons came from, who we hurt or who we wronged. That's okay. Change your ways. Let go of those mistakes and move on. Perhaps the skeletons will rest in peace but then again, perhaps they may not.You can remain haunted or attempt to set your soul free. It is entirely up to you how you move forward. Just know that those old skeletons wait patiently. They never go away.

Cackle hackle cough sputter cough
Hack up an old hair ball
Spin a circle and laugh.
He did it, she did it, and it wasn't me.
I shout loudest
Have wealth
Am older wiser and have more clout.
Wave your hands and shout.
Condemn them. Defame them.
Throw up a wad of old dirt.
Hypocrisy heart so angry
So frightened. So hurt.
The skeletons they know
They will tell. They await.
Keep those skeletons hidden. 
Don't let them get out!
Perhaps if you hide the bones deeper 
they won't be found.
Build a bigger scenario. Reinforce it.
Lie, masquerade, and add doubt.
The skeletons moan.
The bones rattle and shudder.
The smile leaves your face.
You turn your back and you smile
But you cannot fool your soul
The skeletons wait in the closet
They understand and they know.
Bury them deep. Hide those bones. Hide them deep
Where you hope no one will be able to see.
Oh those haunting rattling bones the stories they could tell
Come the future be warned
For far more than a few of these old bones 
will turn up to be found.
Keep your eyes open. Be wary.
Don't let yours escape.
Evil grin on a twisted skull
Missing a spine
Could it be? Is this skeleton yours?
From the closet come cries of voices unheard.
Past crimes tucked away till the bones are unearthed.
Dark night, dark heart, defensive, and alert.
Scream louder, pound your fists, and sarcastically smirk.
You fool no one.
The skeletons they know 
And they wait.

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