Legend Of The Black Unicorn

A powerful creature of mystical folklore the
black unicorn has a much different meaning than that of the traditional white fairy tale beast.

Most of us have an image of the unicorn as a white creature generally depicted in the image of a horse or goat with one long horn in the middle of the forehead. This mythical animal is symbolic of innocence, purity, chastity, and healing. A fantasy creature depicted in fairy and folklore tales.

The meaning of a black unicorn is much different than that of its lighter coloured counterpart. Its symbolism is of unbridled power, heraldry, and strength within freedom. Majestic and courageous the black unicorn is displayed as a powerful steed. Loyal and wild of heart it associates only with those of its choosing or those who shackle this creature's dark heart to do their bidding. It is a symbol of freedom and never meant to be held captive.

Whether this creature of folklore is simple fantasy or a creature of true form, it is an image we look at with curiosity and awe. Most ideals of the mystical unicorn portray this creature as white in colour with a body similar to either that of a goat or a horse. All unicorns proudly display a single horn in the middle of the forehead. It is their trademark symbol.

The unicorn is a symbol of purity, heraldry, chastity, power, rebirth, and healing. This has long been the standard whether this creature appeared in a form similar to a horse, goat, lion, or other animal form. This symbolism changes though when a black unicorn makes an appearance. This beast is then generally portrayed with the body of a horse. Beautiful, powerful, and strong the heart of this animal is forever free. The symbolism of the black unicorn is obvious in its appearance. It is an image of freedom, power, and strength not nearly so docile an image as that of its lighter coloured counterpart.

Is the unicorn real or simple fantasy? This depends on how you define what is and what is not a unicorn or perhaps this rare creature only exists in our dreams. There is a world built solely on imagination and folklore where fairies and elves dwell and this is where you will certainly find the unicorn at play.

Fantasy: A magical illusion of the imagination. A place with no barriers where creatures of all manner of description exist and where deep into the eyes of a black unicorn you may find yourself drawn.

Beautiful, majestic, dark, and dangerous, the black unicorn is now a popular creature of fantasy and legend. In fantasy lands the mythical creatures play and alongside them a black horned beast runs wild and free. When held captive this creature appears as a willing accomplice but it is never truly tamed by those who subdue it.

Forever ingrained in the mystical realm of fairies and folk tales the unicorn runs wild and free. These legendary creatures often shown as existing alongside other fairy tale folk. It is a place where childhood dreams exist but there is also a darker side to this land, the black unicorn flees the madmen who wish to chain the heart of this powerful beast.

Most cultures display a unicorn like creature within their drawings from the past. Although each country has its own image of what this beast looks like they all seem to agree on a single forehead centred horn as the trademark symbol of this creature. So could the unicorn actually be a now long extinct creature from our ancient past? It is possible.

Could the now extinct Elasmotherium be the Unicorn? He isn't a very pretty or graceful fellow but Elasmotherium does have a large horn in the middle of his forehead. It is very likely that this creature may have initiated some of the legends built around our modern day unicorn. It could also be that a goat sporting a mutated horn could be partly responsible for the appearance of this folklore.

If a single horned creature is the definition of a unicorn then these animals are indeed real. These creatures have existed in the past and they still do today. It is also important to note that a mutated horn growth could transform any horned animal into the mystical unicorn. A mutated horn where it should not appear could also be the origin of the legendary unicorn.