Folklore and legend abound and their origins often leave us to wonder if these tales are based on fact or fantasy. Most date back to ancient times with their origin dimmed through the years as they are recanted time and again. Magical, mystical, romantic, or charming these are the facts hidden in their history.

The Black Unicorn: Images of the one horned unicorn have persisted throughout history. Generally white in color with the body of a horse or goat this creature lives within realms of fairies and other fantasy situations. But every now and then a stronger more powerful image of the unicorn appears, a steed with a coat of black his symbolism is much different from that of his lighter color counterpart.

Loreley Siren of the River Rhine: Sirens are most often in the image of ghostly women. Dangerous and often deadly to those who encounter them luring passerby to their bidding. Enticing them with the beauty of their song and body the Loreley fits in quite appropriately with this description. This German legend begins along the River Rhine where a specific area of the water gurgles with the sound of a woman's voice.

Different Names for Santa: There are many legends of this kindly gentleman. His appearance and name will change depending on your homeland and culture. His history is as enchanting as he himself and it is interesting to see the common thread within the many countries he exists in, he is a man who goes by many names.

Old Wives Tales and Common Sense Proverbs: I grew up with old fashioned parents who were never afraid to impart the traditional words of wisdom passed down to them onward to us kids. Even today I find these teachings unexpectedly popping into my mind at the strangest of times and I smile knowing how appropriately they truly do fit the situation at hand.

Shake off the stress - We don't need that nasty old stuff.

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