We annually celebrate many holidays including Valentine's Day, Saint Patricks, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the start of each New Year. Not surprisingly there is a wealth of history, superstition, and tradition connected to our celebrations. These articles focus on the legends that surround our holidays.

Different Names for Santa: 
There are many legends of this kindly gentleman. His appearance and name will change depending on your homeland and culture. His history is as enchanting as he himself and it is interesting to see the common thread within the many countries he exists in, he is a man who goes by many names.

Public Domain Bunny Pictures for Easter: 
The furry soft rabbit has come to be recognized as a popular image at Easter time. For teachers and those who write finding copyright free photos and coloring pages for activities or articles can be somewhat of a task so I am sharing my favorite free image websites. They have been an invaluable resource and I am sure that you will think so as well.  

Shake off the stress - We don't need that nasty old stuff.

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