Mermaid Jewelry

A mermaid's jewelry consist of sea shells, polished stones, gems and gold discovered within the wrecks of sunken pirate ships as well as bits of found teeth and bone. Pearls which are the ocean's natural gems are a favourite. 

These items are hers for the taking. These ocean treasures are then tied together with chains of gold, strands of rope or stringy water plants she has found under the sea or near the shore. Her jewelry is made of items she finds within her watery realm. Natural treasures or items lost from sea going venturers of long ago but also natural elements often found in or near the ocean that are used in delicate braided or scrolled jewelry pieces designed to represent her under sea world.Images of dolphins, starfish, seahorses, flowers, pearls, coral, and shells are reminiscent of the ocean and a popular theme for the elusive mermaid. Anchors, netting, seaweeds, and rope all images that can accent a her necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings.

Like all primitive creatures the use of horn, seashells, and bone of long dead animals for weaponry or decoration is a perfectly acceptable practice. And f
rom sunken ships mermaid creatures could harvest items for personal use, decoration, and play. Golden coins and nuggets could be used not for trade but to collect and to beautify. These jewels worn at her throat, on her wrist, or in her hair add to the mermaid's mystic. With her long flowing hair and innocent attitude she is captivating indeed. There is something irresistibly fascinating about this creature who lives deep beneath the ocean waters. Her image is seductively enticing.

Mythical and enchanting mermaid tales haunt the hearts of young children and lonely fishermen. Many a sea faring vessel's crew has watched in hopes of spotting the elusive ocean maiden. The mermaid's heart though is never to be held captive. Although she is able to breathe on land it is the ocean that owns her heart. She is a mystical creature of the deep. Half human - Half fish.

Alluring and irresistible the mermaid calls out to bring sailors her direction. The mystical magic of this siren haunts many the heart of a sea going voyageur. Many having spent months at sea their loneliness leaves them always hoping to see her there. Stories are told of her ability to charm. Her image is romantic and enticing. Fairy tales and whispered legends of the beautiful mermaid bring this creature to life, but always elusive she exists only to live in our dreams and heart.

Pearls are a natural gem stone of the sea. They are an item often worn by brides on their wedding day. Symbolic of virtue, purity, and integrity it is a gem prized for its natural beauty.

There are many types of pearls and quantity, quality, shape, and size are all factors which can affect the price of a pearl. A treasure from the ocean's floor it has been harvested since ancient times. Salt water pearls are grown in salt water such as an ocean, sea, or lagoon while fresh water pearls are grown in lakes, rivers, or ponds. Natural pearls are created by the mussel or oyster in which the stone is contained while cultured pearls are created by "seeding" to encourage the growth of the pearl.
The Difference Between Natural and Cultured Pearls

The beautiful black pearl from the Tahitian lagoons remains one of the most prized gems harvested by man.
An item of legendary beauty this natural jewel is still only able to be grown in sea water by a specific oyster. 

Black pearls have traditionally been a rare find from the oceans and as such a highly prized possession of those who were able to acquire one. Jewelry made of them is as distinctive a gift as one can give. 

Although new pearl harvesting methods have made black pearls a little less rare than in years past they are still a highly prized jewel and a romantic gift to present to someone very special. Today you can acquire pearls in a unique array of colours and of perfectly round form and uniformity of size or graduating sizing. This is no luck of nature but instead the dedicated work of pearl seeders who work to insure a perfect crop of cultured pearls with each seeding.
Cultured Tahitian Pearl Farm Seeding and Harvesting

Ah but a mermaid's world must be a magical place. She would know what lies buried at the bottom of the sea. She can delve deeply into long lost treasures that we could only dream of. The sea maiden may be of a fairy tale origin but the vast array of lost artifacts under those dark waters are real and waiting patiently to be unlocked from their watery grave.

Tales persist today of buried treasure boxes which lie in wait for us to unearth them. Passenger ships and pirate vessels sunk at sea call out to have their treasure boxes found and retrieved to the surface. Billions of dollars in gold, silver, artifacts, and jewels lie at the bottom of the ocean.

Famous pirates such as Captain Kidd, Jean Lafitte, and the famous Blackbeard have led rise to images of treasure chests overflowing with gold and precious gems, sunken treasure, and buried treasure, but if the truth be told it is trade ships which have gifted much of the valuables lost at sea. To the delight of all there are books, movies, ancient maps, and secret whispers among treasure seekers and children which still keep the image of overflowing treasure chests fresh in our mind.

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