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Dragon Halloween Costume

The legend of the mighty dragon may have originated when ancient man discovered the super sized bones of dinosaurs and created within his mind an image of the terrifying creature that these giant bones belonged to.

Tall tales and whispered warnings of the amazing power, strength, courage, and possessiveness of these enormous beasts brought their image to life.

These ideals created our current image of the fire breathing dragons depicted in art today and today the symbolism of the dragon holds a very strong message within its image.

If some days you feel as though the heart of a dragon is locked deep inside your chest then a costume in this image just may be the perfect one for you to don on Halloween night.

Dressing up in a dragon costume really can bring out the ancient beast in you. You can flick your mighty tail, wiggle your wings, and prepare to fly off into the night. It is quite the fine way to bring out the beast lurking deep within your soul. Some of these creature costumes are cu…

Mermaid Costume and Makeup Tips

For Halloween night a mermaid costume can be an eye stopping look. There is nothing quite as seductively intriguing as this mystical sea creature. 

A mermaid's image is one of elegance and grace as she swims quickly through the strong currents that toss around her. Voluptuous and alluring she calls for those who see her to edge closer. It is a look that screams of romance and intrigue.

Achieving the ideal dress, hair, and makeup are a very integral part of bringing a mermaid appearance to life. She can be seductively mysterious or dangerous, dark, romantic, and intriguing. There are more than a few ways to bring this costume to life.
Mermaids are often depicted with voluptuous curves. Beautifully alluring she has for hundreds of years taunted and teased sailors at sea. These tips and suggestions will bring a delightfully intrigue to your Halloween attire.

Always elusive and just out of reach the mermaid's image has remained a mystery portrayed in legend and art.

This creature of th…

Is Good Luck Fate?

Is good luck fate or a choice we make? It certainly seems that some individuals are simply born lucky while others have an exceptionally difficult time as they stumble through the many pitfalls that constantly appear to obstruct their road to success.
Personally I firmly believe that good luck and bad luck do exist, that there are people who are blessed with a life of good fortune and also those who have ill will and circumstance surrounding them the majority of their life. 

I also believe that most of us are able to change our destined fortune and our good or bad luck but how is a question that many people ask themselves at some point in their life.

Although not always a simple process, changing our opportunity and fate may be something that is possible to accomplish. To some degree most people do have the ability to draw an increased abundance of good luck into their world.

Sometimes we have to do a complete about face on our mental attitude to change our circumstance. A good luck charm…

Karma How to Change Bad to Good

Good Karma - How do you find it? Bad Karma - How do you get rid of it? 

Karma can be a pretty confusing thing and it turns out that luck has little to do with it.

The roots of karma are firmly embedded in religion yet it is your culture which will influence how you perceive the symbolism of Karma. If you are someone who believes in good and bad karma then this article is for you.

When life seems to be throwing a heck of a lot of strange stuff your way you may be able to change your fortune simply by changing the karma surrounding you.

The basic theory of Karma is that a person who acts with purity of thought and kindness will attract kindness and positive energy, while negativity in thought and action will attract anger and negative energy toward it. What goes around comes around and if it is not in this life that you experience the effects of your actions then they will be returned to you after this life has ended. There is no escaping karma.

Karma has it's beginnings nestled deep …

Tooth Fairy Legend

The origin and legends of the tooth fairy are fascinating. Real or imagined she is a fairy with a wonderful story to tell. She is a magical person very unique from others.

She travels the world diligently visiting children while they sleep to trade with them a set monetary value for their lost teeth. Although few people have ever seen her. She is depicted as being a beautiful fairy or one with a grandmotherly appearance. 

Generally shown as being clothed in a beautiful flowing gown she carries a small wand that sparkles and rains down tiny rainbow colored dust as she twirls it to draw out the small teeth hidden under pillows where the young children sleep. To honor her endeavors there are two days of the year set aside as National Tooth Fairy Day these being February 28th and August 22nd.

In fairy form she has no name and is referred to only as the Tooth Fairy but this is not the only form that she is recognized as appearing in. Her legend is as intriguing as she herself is.

It All Begi…

Fairies and Fairy Folklore

Ah the wonderful fantasy world of fairies and other fairy folklore tale sprites. Some people say they are a creature of their own right while others believe that these small beings are angels. Some people believe that they are spirits who have returned back from the beyond or restless spirits who could not move on.

Fairies and their kin folk are small magical creatures who live nearby us. Some are winged and some are not. It is believed that they are generally not much taller than four feet in height. They are often viewed as elfin like sprites who look much like tiny winged people.

They are most often very beautiful or handsome creatures. This external beauty and a fairy's ability to create magic draws us humans to them like metal to a magnet. They fascinate us. Fairies have magical powers as well as the mystical ability to take the form of any creature that they may desire to replicate.

They exist within all countries of our planet and are referred to by many names depending on the…

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