Karma How to Change Bad to Good

Good Karma - How do you find it? Bad Karma - How do you get rid of it? 

Karma can be a pretty confusing thing and it turns out that luck has little to do with it. The roots of karma are firmly embedded in religion yet it is your culture which will influence how you perceive the symbolism of Karma. If you are someone who believes in good and bad karma then this article is for you. 

When life seems to be throwing a heck of a lot of strange stuff your way you may be able to change your fortune simply by changing the karma surrounding you. The basic theory of Karma is that a person who acts with purity of thought and kindness will attract kindness and positive energy, while negativity in thought and action will attract anger and negative energy toward it. What goes around comes around and if it is not in this life that you experience the effects of your actions then they will be returned to you after this life has ended. There is no escaping karma.

Karma has its beginnings nestled deep in the religious roots of the Indian belief in reincarnation. It is the idea that the thought or intention within your actions will follow you through to your next life in that good actions in one life will bring good rewards in the next one and bad actions in one life will bring bad consequences in the next. It's a very simple principle. Positive behaviour nets positive rewards and negative behaviour initiated with negative intentions nets negative rewards. 
Although all cultures maintain some similarities in their belief of Karma the ideals within Karma and its principles are affected by your culture and upbringing. Positive Attracts Positive so using this theory surrounding yourself with positive thoughts, individuals, and inspirational messages will help to improve your Karma. 

When you hear or see a positive message it goes deep within your subconscious and you feel more uplifted. The more positive your attitude then the more positive will be your actions outward and the more good energy you will attract back to yourself in return. Using this same principle the more negative your thoughts the more negativity you will attract to your life.

Our western view to Karma is very similar to the basic Buddhist principle except that we may see the results of Karma occurring within this lifetime rather than within a next. Some westerners carry with them the theory of reincarnation in relation to Karma but many view good or bad Karma as somehow being attached to them through their ancestry. Westerners theorize that if cursed with unjust negativity that they must participate in positive behaviour throughout this lifetime in order to adjust the imbalance of Karma and thus to find happiness.You could call it a form of repentance for distanced actions that is needed to remove the bad karma.

Alicia Keys: Karma What Goes Around Comes Around

Nurture your inner child - Soothe your soul. Think positive thoughts and attract good energy toward you. Positive ideals feed the hungry soul with contentment. Inspirational messages bring a more positive attitude to all that we encounter throughout the day. Surround yourself with the power of inspirational / motivational sayings.

So how do you get rid of the bad karma? The basic principle of bringing good Karma into your life is actually a very simple concept. Positive behaviour attracts positive rewards. Positive thoughts initiate positive actions which bring to you good Karma. You can attract good Karma by simply surrounding yourself with positive energy. This positive energy will encourage you to feel and think with a more optimistic attitude. This in turn will have your basic intentions and actions throughout the day reflect this good.

Believing in goodness, magic, and miracles can increase the odds of these positive forces coming into your life. There is amazing power in positive thinking. Surround yourself with inspirational quotes, positive thoughts, kind words, thoughtful people, and motivational messages.

Create a Lifestyle that Attracts Good Karma.

1. Try to surround yourself with positive messages, quotes, and sayings. Insure that your home decor contains inspirational sayings. These positive messages will go through to your subconscious each time that you are near them and help you to think positively, act positively, and attract good Karma.

2. Try to avoid negative people. These are individuals who are pessimistic, speak critically of others, do not offer encouragement to others, bully or hurt people intentionally, participate in illegal or harmful activities, or who blame other people for their own failures. They will only make you feel bad and attract negative energy to surround you.

3. Try to surround yourself with positive encouraging people. These individuals will help you to feel and to act more positively and thus to attract good Karma into your life.

4. Be charitable. This does not necessarily mean that you must give money to charities. It means contributing in some way to those less fortunate than yourself. Not everyone has large sums of money to contribute to a charity but we all have something that we can contribute whether it be our time, aide, wisdom, or caring attitude. It all makes a difference.

5. Show kindness to all living creatures.

6. Offer positive feedback to others whenever you are given the opportunity. A simple compliment can mean so very much to another.

7. Give yourself positive messages. Compliment yourself often. Avoid negative thinking. Be patient with yourself. Accept failure as a process on the trail to success.

8. Do good deeds whenever you have the opportunity to.

9. Be generous with your heart and with your love. 

We are all connected and touch each others lives with our words, thoughts, and actions. It is important to make a conscious effort to insure the messages we share are those based on the principle of good will toward others.

You can change the pathway that you walk. When a person is raised in a negative atmosphere they can grow up surrounded by people who influence them with pessimistic ideals. This negativity reflects in how one will view life and the circumstances that fall within it.

Someone who has always viewed a negative pattern of living as normal behaviour is much more likely to carry this attitude into their adult lifestyle unless a positive change is enacted to alter this pattern. Realizing that negativity is harmful and not normal lifestyle to live within is the first step in affecting a change. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and actions. 

You can change your circumstances and your destiny. Destiny can be what you make it to be. Karma is how you initiate the change. Positive behaviour nets positive rewards while negative acts initiated with negative intentions net negative rewards. It is actually quite a simple concept. Good Karma - get it. Bad Karma - remove it. Change your thoughts to change your actions thus changing your direction in life.
Think positive. Be positive. Surround yourself with good Karma. Feeling positive and optimistic about your circumstances will help you to become more charitable to others who you encounter in this life. A positive attitude breeds positive behaviour which in turn will bring good Karma. Your values will bring you strength and help you to grow.
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