Mermaids: These creatures of the sea haunt the imagination of children and sea faring sailors alike. Half human half fish these haunting mystical beings are both beautiful and frightening in appearance.

Loreley Siren of the River Rhine: Sirens are most often in the image of ghostly women. Dangerous and often deadly to those who encounter them luring passerby to do their bidding. Enticing them with the beauty of their song and body the Loreley fits in quite appropriately with this description. This German legend begins along the River Rhine where a specific area of the water gurgles with the sound of a woman's voice.

Mermaid Costume Makeup: It is a Halloween costume that is delightfully sensual in its look. The dress is gorgeous, the mermaid scales are easy to create, and the overall image is powerful. Whether for Halloween or simply for an evening out a mermaid costume is amazing and these looks can help you get a uniquely personalized look for yours.
Mermaid Jewelry: Found items such as shells, pearls, tiny stones, teeth, and bones but also beautiful gems, jewels, and gold from sunken wrecks fallen to the sea floor.