Luck or Fate

There are many factors that affect our personality, outlook, and progress in life. How we deal with situations and how we allow them to affect us can alter the outcome. With optimism, pessimism, good luck and bad each affecting the path we walk do we really change direction or are we simply guided the direction we were meant to travel?

Is Good Luck Fate or a Choice we Make? It can certainly seem at times as though an extra hand were at play guiding the choices and directions we take. But is this simply the legacy handed down to us or is it truly a trick of fate.

Lucky Pennies and The Magic of a Wishing Well: Pennies are wishes and a wish is hope. When we hope we have the ability to make dreams come true. There is more value to a penny than most people might first think. Look into a wishing well and see where all those magical pennies go.

Karma How to Change Bad to Good: Where Karma is concerned luck has very little to do with it. Karma has its roots embedded deep within a religious base and not surprisingly how you view this concept will be influenced by your culture and country.