Baby Dragon in a Jar

Baby dragon in a jar is it real or a hoax? Could it possibly be a small dragon or dinosaur? When the news broke that a jar containing a baby dragon was found in a garage in Oxfordshire, England, people were mystified.

Could this tiny creature actually be real or was it a part of some elaborate hoax? The baby dragon in a jar captivated people the world around. With the umbilical cord still intact it certainly looked genuine.

So could this tiny creature be real? There is some evidence that dragon like creatures did indeed once exist here on earth so there was a definite possibility that this baby dragon could be authentic.

Perfectly preserved is it the small body of a now extinct dragon like creature captured for all time within this found jar? Is it possible that a remnant fetus of a long died off dinosaur strongly resembling our image of what a dragon might look like is now found from where it has lain hidden for so very many years? 

Could dragons have once existed on Earth alongside the dinosaurs or perhaps were these beasts merely mistaken one for the other. It is believed that the myths and legends of dragons originated long ago within the fossilized remains of found dinosaur bones so it would seem logical.

Early man could only imagine the horrendous beasts who's giant bones he discovered so images of ferocious fire breathing dragons could easily have emerged within his imagination and become the basis for future legends and tales of the mighty dragon.

Many now extinct animals had strange dinosaur like features. Could this creature be some long died off species of animal with only this small remnant remaining to remind us that it had actually once lived?

When the news broke that a jar containing a baby dragon was found in a garage in Oxfordshire England people the world around were captivated by the find. The paperwork found along with the jar was written in German indicating that the jar may have originated there. 

The documents indicated that the find had once been presented to the Natural History Museum and been turned away from there as it was believed the baby dragon was a potential hoax being played out on this prestigious museum. The jar was then sent to be disposed of but a porter at the museum instead took it home with him and from there it lay stored within his garage until it was discovered years later by his grandson. 

The porter at that museum is believed to have been Frederick Hart and the person who found the jar was his grandson David Hart. Upon discovering this exceptionally strange find among his grandfathers possessions David Hart then passed the jar to Allistair Mitchell for research and verification of its authenticity.

It is interesting that so frightening an image as that of a dragon carries with it symbolic messages of power, strength, heraldry, wisdom, protectionism, and good luck. The dragon's spirit message is largely due to its rumoured resilience and wisdom acquired throughout its lengthy life.

During their many years on Earth the dragon gathered much knowledge as to how to best protect itself from harm. This protection was also passed on to those whom they were loyal to and as well to any possessions those individuals might own. The dragon's image is a symbol of power, strength, protection, good luck, and heraldry.

It looks like it could be real but could it possibly be? The pickled baby dragon is so lifelike that even today it is still causing a controversy as to whether or not it is real. Could this baby dragon have been the true offspring of a real life dragon?

The baby dragon within the jar still has its umbilical cord attached indicating that this baby dragon may have been still born or perhaps even still a fetus when it was captured and jarred. The dragon's tiny teeth look razor sharp while its wings are so fine that they are almost transparent.

Some individuals still believe the pickled baby dragon is genuine but the baby dragon in a jar is indeed a hoax. The hoax was plotted out by a writer named Allistair Mitchell in an attempt to garner interest in his latest book "Unearthly History".

The Case is Closed: The Mystery is Solved

The baby dragon was created by studio model makers "Crawly Creatures" and the jar containing the baby dragon created by glass blowing craftsmen from The Isle of Wight. 
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