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Different Names for Santa Claus

Santa is a kindly soul who traditionally arrives with gifts and treats for good little girls and boys. Folklore, legend, man or myth he goes by many names. Old Saint Nick is a traditional visitor to many people around the world. 

A joyous figure known around the world by many different names he is a personality widely recognized for the happiness he brings to the Christmas holidays.

He arrives bearing with him toys and treats for children and the poor. You may know him as Santa Claus, a plump jolly man dressed in red who rides a gift laden sleigh towed through the air by eight small reindeer. But there is much more to this jolly old fellow than first meets the eye. Which area of the world you live in will determine not only the name that you refer to him but also how this kindly man will look to you.

Not only is his name unique to each culture or area but there are also a number of different images throughout the world for the man we know as Santa Claus. He is referred to as grand old St…

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