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Loreley Siren Legend

The Loreley is a siren legend of the River Rhine in Germany. She is a ghostly vision with a heart grown as stone cold as the waters flowing below her. The Loreley is also the name of a rock bluff over looking the river. It was named for this siren. The sound of the gurgling water echoes off the rocks which line the shores of the Rhine giving this section of the river an enchanted feeling.

The gurgling river creates a humming sound which when heard can be mistaken for that of a soft ghostly voice. It is an essential part of the mystic behind the legend of the Loreley (Lorelei). She is often depicted as a siren or mermaid and there is a tale that is told of her.

It is a tale which has with the passing of time grown into a legend. It is a tale of a ghostly woman who beckons sailors to come closer to her and to the rocks on which sits. If they do they are doomed to lose their ship to the craggy coast and their lives to the cold waters that surround it.

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